Working with the generator

Entering parameters

The input fields are located on the left side of the page. Their designation is shown in the drawing in the center of the page. The sample and the 3D image are examples of packaging and their shape and dimensions are independent of the input parameters. You can evaluate the packaging design by clicking the Preview button (not available in Trial).

The set of fields depends on the type of model chosen. When entering values, they are checked. In case of errors you will receive a notification. The "Paper Thickness" parameter for ECMA catalogue is entered in thousandths of the selected of measure unit. For example, if the unit is a millimeter, for values of "0.4" mm, enter "400".

For some types of packaging, some dimensions depend on others and are therefore automatically calculated and unavailable for input. The model is always calculated in PDF format.

The "Load To Browser" checkbox (enabled by default) affects how the calculated model is loaded. There is either direct download, or the model is loaded into the browser window for preview. In this case, it can also be saved.

Models are generated in PDF format. You can open it with any vector editor or import it into a CAD application.

The calculated models are stored on the User's Page and saved for three months from the download time.

On the right side of the page is the package parameters area. It is not possible to change parameters during Trial period. The set of parameters depends on the type of package. All of them have descriptions, some are supplemented by pictograms. Also here you can switch the units of measure (points, millimeters, centimeters and inches).

Using the "Input Validation" switch, you can disable automatic validation of input values. Be careful! Model can be calculated with errors! You must understand exactly what values you enter.

In some cases, the value of the parameter is switched to a single value and does not depend on the user's actions. For example, for a model with "A20" flaps, with a W (width) value of less than 20 mm, the dust flap will be without a cutout, since with such small dimensions this complicates the installation of the knifes and reduces the strength of their fastening.

The parameter "Knife info" is useful in calculating the load on a punch press. Usually the maximum length of the knifes is indicated in the technical characteristics of the punching press.

You can change the standard drawing line colors. Color values are saved in the user profile and apply to calculate all next models in future. This option can be useful for adjusting the operating modes of the cutter. You can return default settings at any time.

At the bottom of the page is a description of the packaging design and if you chose the tariff plan 1, the cost of model.

Design check

Due to the high complexity of calculations, the system can not prevent all errors. Also rough errors like obviously too short dimensions will not be alerted in all cases. Be especially careful if input validation is disabled!

Pay attention! The user is responsible for the accuracy of determining the size of the package and checking the results of the calculation.

Before making die-cutting stamp, always check the correctness of the design and the option for assembling the package taking into account the selected material. The finished drawing of the box must be cut out on the selected material (preferably on the cutting-folding plotter), and make sure that the product is correctly assembled and has the necessary dimensions.