ECMA codes decryption. Group "D"

Non-rectangular box without a longitudinal glue seam.

  • 1 pair indicates the use of glue.
  • 2 pair describes the shape of the base.
  • 3 pair describes the fixation system.
  • 4 pair describes the lid. If not used codes "00".
  • 5 pair - additional code. See the "X" group.
Unit Code Design
Base shape10Triangular, single walls
11Triangular, double walls
13Triangular, single and double walls
14Triangular, hollow and non-hollow walls
15Triangular, hollow walls
20Quadrangular, single walls
21Quadrangular, double walls
23Quadrangular, single and double walls
24Quadrangular, hollow and non-hollow walls
25Quadrangular, hollow walls
30Pentagonal, single walls
31Pentagonal, double walls
33Pentagonalе, single and double walls
34Pentagonal, hollow and non-hollow walls
35Pentagonal, hollow walls
40Hexagonal, single walls
41Hexagonal, double walls
43Hexagonal, single and double walls
44Hexagonal, hollow and non-hollow walls
45Hexagonal, hollow walls
50Octagonal, single walls
51Octagonal, double walls
53Octagonal, single and double walls
54Octagonal, hollow and non-hollow walls
55Octagonal, hollow walls
Fixation system00No
01Claw lock
02Inserted side flaps and elongate walls
03Inserted side flaps and additional fixing
04Claw locks and dust flaps
05Inserted side flaps with hooks
07Dust flaps with hooks
09Inserted dust flaps
10Unglued non-webbed flaps
11Unglued webbed flaps
20Glued non-webbed flaps
21Клееный пылевой клапан
22Glued inner flaps
23Glued inner dust flaps
50Tuck flap
51Double walls and retractable lock
522 side flaps
533 side flaps, open corners
543 side flaps, dustproof corners
603 side flaps, closed corners
613 side flaps, gluded corners
62Separate lid
63Special lock