ECMA codes decryption. Group "C"

Non-rectangular boxes with a longitudinal glue seam. At least one of the outer faces of the main body is not rectangular. The height, or the vertical face, does not necessarily have to be perpendicular to the base.

  • 1 pair describes the general shape.
  • 2 pair describes the shape of the base.
  • 3 pair describes the bottom closure system.
  • 4 pair describes the top closure system.
  • 5 pair - additional code. See the "X" group.
Unit Code Design
General shape10Parallel faces
20Truncated pyramid
Base shape10Triangular
Closing system01Without flaps
10Full overlap square flaps
11Reduced square flaps and one full flap
15Full overlap square flaps and hanger system
20Tuck flap
21Tuck flap and hanger system
55Automatic closing (unglued)
60Automatic closing (two-point gluing)
90"Rosette" closing system