ECMA codes decryption. Group "X"

Closures and auxiliaries.

It is elements that can be used in combination with the constructions of groups "A", "B", "C" and "D", and with certain types of group "F". A pair of digits with the group code "X" must be added to the main code.

Unit Code Design
Tear-off perforation
11Zipper Strip on the lid
12Zipper Strip on the lid on the front wall
13Zipper Strip around the perimeter
14Zipper Strip on the lid on the top cover in the shape of a rectangle
Re-closure systems
21Combination of tear-off perforation and lock
22Fixation hooks flaps with full overlap
23Fixation hooks flaps with partial overlap
24Combinations of fixing elements
25Inserting flap with additional opposite full overlap flap
26The insert flap is fixed by perforation on the opposite side
27Lid with a tear-off strip
28Tear-off lid over the entire width of the box
29Tear-off lid along the entire length of the box
Tongue-slot fixation
31Additional flap with a tongue on the opposite side
32The tongue in the lid, the slot in the flap on the opposite side
33Slot in cover, tongue on opposite side
34Tongue above or below
35The lid can be used as a show box display
36Hinged glued lid (trunk)
37Tear-off flaps with perforations
38Hook and slot
41Hole without re-closing
42Bendable flap (perforation)
43Closing tear-off flap on double wall
44Closing tear-off flap on double wall, opens vertically
45Closing tear-off flap on double wall, opens horizontally
46The recloser in the form of a folding corner
47Foldable dispenser on the side with reclosing
48Using a dust flap as a resealable device
Integrated re-closing devices of a different material
51Devices made of plastic, metal, cardboard
52Screw plug
Suspension brackets
61Single suspension with euro hole
62Double suspension with euro hole
63Single suspension with rectangular opening
64Double suspension with rectangular opening
65Single suspension with a round opening
66Double suspension with a round opening
Additional front panel
71Single panel
72Double panel, folded and glued (additional panels on one side)
73Double panel, glued (additional panels from different sides)
81Double handle
82Double handle, recessed lid
83Double handle formed from side flaps
84Double handle formed from central flaps
85Gabled lid with handle
86With a separate handle in the side wall