ECMA codes decryption. Group "A"

Rectangular box with a longitudinal glue seam

  • 1 pair describes the bottom closure system.
  • 2 pair describes the top closure system.
  • 3 pair shows location of the bottom closure system.
  • 3 pair shows location of the top closure system.
  • 5 pair - additional code. See the "X" group.

The sides are numbered 1-4 from left to right.

Code Closing system
01Without flaps
10Full overlap square flaps
11Reduced square flaps and one full flap
12Reduced square flaps
15Full overlap square flaps and hanger system
20Tuck flap
21Tuck flap and hanger system
30Tuck flap, dust flaps with hooks
40Side tuck flaps, without dust flaps
41Side tuck flaps, with dust flaps
45Square flap with joined dust flaps
50Flaps with claw lock
55Automatic closing (unglued)
60Automatic closing (two-point gluing)
61Automatic closing (two-point gluing) with full square flap
70Sealing closing
75Gabled lid with claw lock
80Tuck flap and hollow dust flaps
81Hollow dust flaps
82Webbed "Rosette" closing system
83"Rosette" closing system
99Tuck flap with attached webbed dust flaps