No company can work without creation of reporting and other documents, official letters, presentation materials, advertising printing. It’s essential to be packed correctly.


Often folders are used as gift or marketing packaging, for storing and transporting documents, for distributing advertising and other presentation materials. The type of folder depends on what function it performs in a particular case. For example, at conferences and presentations, A5 folders are usually used. They are compact, easy to carry and thus they can hold everything you need: leaflets, program of the event, a list of speakers and other. When there are more materials and it’s need to be presented to the guests, it is better to choose for an A4 folder with a wide and convenient flap.

A4 folders with a pocket for additional materials or slot for business cards are perfect for corporate brochures. They are presentable and demonstrate the company's attitude to business partners and customers. If there are so many documents, a portfolio folder can help you.

Folders differ by:

  • folding option – self-assembled and immediately glued and ready to use;
  • sizes – А5, А4, euro format and sometimes А3 and others;
  • the thickness of the spine – thin with one fold, and with a thickness from 3 mm;
  • the number of flaps – usually one or two, less more;
  • the type of flaps – a simple corner, with a bend on three sides, with an unusual shape, with a slot for a business card, etc.